Trevisan Family

Since 1970, the Trevisan Family has grown, developed and manufactured food.

And people say that our products are incredibly tasty.

Trevisan Alimentos is part of a child’s childhood, a teenager’s youth, the maturity of a person who knows what he wants and the table of those people who have a lot of history to tell. It can be a pause to think, a meeting with friends to toast or even that family reunion to celebrate.

The Trevisna Family products are part of the life of Brazilians.

But, if you look closely, the real taste is not in the delicious potato drumstick, in the tasty melted cheese of our dumplings, in the incredible potato medallion with bacon, in the healthy and surprising vegan kebab or the impressive and delightful potato kebab with catupiry.

Our! I know. It makes your mouth water, right? But not…

The real flavor is in each of the phases we live in, in each of the embraces we embrace, kisses that we kiss and in the love that we love.

Taste is where happiness happens.

Quality and Sustainability

Any modern organization, which seeks to enter the national and international markets, must, necessarily, adopt clear policies of action based on a set of ethical precepts.

Our partner Grupo Trevisan is an innovative, competitive and sustainable organization. Its principles are:

Develop products and distribution channels providing quality services and added value to delight your customers. Ensuring an ethical, healthy and safe work environment contributing to the development and quality of life of its employees.

Be economically profitable, promoting social and environmental responsibilities and respecting the rules of society.

Ready frozen potato dishes

All of our products are based on potatoes, cultivated, produced using a French cooking technique that preserves the nutrients of the potato and guarantees an unforgettable flavor.

Choose yours!

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